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504 South Ann St.
(@ Eastern Ave)
Fells Point, MD

Open Tues thru Sat
Cocktails 5pm "til close
Dinner Served Each Night
from 6pm 'til 11pm

Reservations by email

Peters Inn Presents - Thanksgiving To Go! Orders must be in by Tues Nov 24th by 5pm.

When? Pickup Starting Pickup Wed Nov 25 From 1pm - 7pm

Trout Pate

Made with smoked trout great to serve with baguette. 1 Pint serves 3-4.

# of Trout Pate you would like?

Pint @ $14.50 each

Green Bean Casserole

With bacon and oyster mushrooms. Serves 4.

# of Green Bean Casserole you would like?

@ $17.50 each

Grit Kit

Everything to make delicious grits at home. Serves 8-10!

# of Grit Kit you would like?

@ $22.50 each

Cranberry Orange Thyme Chutney

# of Cranberry Orange Thyme Chutney you would like?

Quart @ $14.50 each

Pot de Creme

Pie pan size.

# of Pot De Creme you would like?

@ $20.50 each

Giblet Butter and Brioche Rolls

Giblet compound butter and 10 brioche rolls.

# of Giblet Butter and Brioche Rolls you would like?

@ $15.50 each

Boozy Eggnog

To get through it all.

# of Boozy Eggnog you would like?

Litre @ $17.50 each

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