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504 South Ann St.
(@ Eastern Ave)
Fells Point, MD

Open Tues thru Sat
Cocktails 5pm "til close
Dinner Served Each Night
from 6pm 'til 11pm

Reservations by phone in advance
for backroom only - parties of 6 or more

Peter’s Inn Presents -
Window Out For Food Pickup!

When? Pickup Starting Wed - Sat, 3pm-8pm - last order 7:30pm

Trout Pate with Baguette

Petes Trout Pate, a neighborhood favorite. Served with baguette slices.

# of Trout Pate you would like?

@ $15.50 each

Roasted Beet Salad

With bleu cheese dressing and pecans.

# of Roasted Beet Salad you would like?

@ $11.50 each

Yes, Their Cheese Grits

What makes them so good? These cheese grits surely are inspired by the kitchen gods.

# of Cheese Grits you would like?

@ $7.50 each

Hearty Garlic Bread

Ah so good. Famous for a reason garlic bread.

# of Garlic Bread you would like?

On hearty bread @ $3.50 each
8oz Spread Only to go go @ $14.50 each

Two Bite Scallop

With french beans, lentils and hazelnut brown butter.

# of Two Bite Scallop you would like?

@ $16.50 each

Citrus, Olives and Manchego

# of Citrus, Olives and Manchego you would like?

@ $7.50 each

Little Charcuterie

Fontina, pecorino, taleggio, prosciutto and fruit preserves.

# of Little Charcuterie you would like?

@ $17.50 each

Seared Rare Tuna

Served with seaweed salad.

# of Seared Rare Tuna you would like?

@ $17.50 each

Soft Pants Special

Trufie pasta and cheese sauce with an herb panko crust.

# of Soft Pants Special you would like?

@ $9.50 each

13oz NY Strip Steak

13 oz NY Strip, beautifully butchered, black angus grass fed beef. Raw and ready for seasoning, great on the grill.

# of 13oz NY Strip Steak you would like?

NY Strip @ $19.50 each

Tribeca Oven Baguette

Take and bake baguette.

# of Tribeca Oven Baguette you would like?

@ $3.50 each

16oz Instant Yeast

# of 16oz Instant Yeast you would like?

@ $10.00 each

Chocolate Pot du Creme

Served in a sealed glass container

# of Chocolate Pot du Creme you would like?

4 oz @ $6.50 each

4oz Beet Cheesecake

With cocoa nibs.

# of 4oz Beet Cheesecake you would like?

@ $6.50 each

Mezcaroni 32oz

Mezcal, Compari, Amaro and Orange Bitters. Serves one or many !

# of Mezcaroni 32oz you would like?

@ $50.00 each

Blanc de Blanc

100 percent Chard Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc. 375 Split, Worth It!

# of Blanc de Blanc you would like?

@ $25.50 each

Peters Gift Certificate

A great gift Peters Eats and refreshing cheers. Value of $50.

# of Peters Gift Certificate you would like?

@ $50.00 each

Peters Gift Certificate

A great gift Peters Eats and refreshing cheers. Value of $100.

# of Peters Gift Certificate you would like?

@ $100.00 each

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