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Peters Inn Presents - To Go!
Thurs July 2nd & Fri July 3rd

When? Pickup Starting 5pm-9pm Last order 8:30pm

Trout Pate with Baguette

Petes Trout Pate, a neighborhood favorite. Served with baguette slices. Pate is Gluten Free!

# of Trout Pate you would like?

@ $15.50 each

Tomatoes with Burrata

Burrata, heirloom tomatoes, basil and hazelnuts

# of Heirloom Tomatoes with Burrata you would like?

@ $12.50 each

French Cheese & Jambon

Camembert, petit basque, roquefort, jambon and jam served with baguette, satisfies 2 to 4. To Go Only!!

# of French Cheese & Jambon Voyage you would like?

@ $29.50 each

Traditional Caesar Salad

# of Traditional Caesar Salad you would like?

@ $9.50 each

Celery Salad with Gorgonzola

Walnuts, pickled raisins and gorgonzola. Gluten Free!

# of Celery Salad with Gorgonzola you would like?

@ $7.50 each


Summer in a bowl, with tortilla chips.

# of Gazpacho you would like?

pint @ $8.50 each

Hearty Garlic Bread

Ah so good. Famous for a reason garlic bread.

# of Garlic Bread you would like?

On hearty bread @ $3.50 each

Corn Bisque with Crab

Can be served hot or cold.

# of Corn Bisque with Crab and Old Bay Oil you would like?

pint @ $10.50 each

Two Bite Scallop

With pea veloute, beluga lentils, chive oil and pancetta dust.

# of Two Bite Scallop you would like?

@ $14.50 each

Cheesy Grits

You know you want them. And they are Gluten Free!

# of Cheesy Grits you would like?

@ $7.50 each

7oz Filet or 13oz NY Strip

With Potato puree, vegetable and 100 percent pure butter

# of 7oz Filet or 13oz NY Strip you would like?

7oz Filet @ $37.50 each
13oz NY Strip @ $37.50 each

Lamb Chop

With kale, ricotta ravioli and cherry jus.

# of Lamb Chop you would like?

@ $18.50 each

4oz Petite Filet

With Boursin and sauteed mushrooms.

# of 4oz Petite Filet you would like?

@ $24.50 each

Braised Borlotti Beans

Braised with duck, sage and porcini. Gluten Free!

# of Braised Borlotti Beans you would like?

Pint @ $8.50 each

Chocolate Pot du Creme

Gluten Free!

# of Chocolate Pot du Creme you would like?

4 oz @ $6.50 each

Raspberry Linzer Tart

# of Raspberry Linzer Tart you would like?

@ $7.50 each


Pistachio or Mint Chocolate Chip.

# of Gelato you would like?

1/2 Pint of Pistachio @ $9.50 each
1/2 Pint Mint Chocolate Chip @ $9.50 each

Grayson Pinot Noir

Central Coast, CA

# of Grayson Pinot Noir you would like?

@ $19.50 each

Lemelson Pinot Gris

Willamette, OR

# of Lemelson Pinot Gris you would like?

@ $25.00 each

Cucumber Mint Soda

Presse brand.

# of Cucumber Mint Soda you would like?

11oz @ $3.00 each

Tito’s Vodka

Good compliment to the Cucumber Mint and Watermelon Basil Sodas.

# of Titos Vodka you would like?

1 Litre @ $25.00 each

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry, Lime and Agave.

# of Strawberry Margarita you would like?

Lime @ $0.00 each
Strawberry @ $10.00 each

Nutcracker Hustle

Cucumber infused vodka with lemon - lime club soda.

# of Nutcracker Hustle you would like?

@ $10.50 each

GG & T

Gin, grapefruit bitters, tonic and mint syrup.

# of GG & T you would like?

@ $10.50 each

Maranto Italian Loaf

Our house bread.

# of Maranto Italian Loaf you would like?

@ $3.50 each

Tribeca Oven Baguette

Take and bake baguette.

# of Tribeca Oven Baguette you would like?

@ $3.50 each

16oz Instant Yeast

# of 16oz Instant Yeast you would like?

@ $10.00 each

Farina 00 Flour

1 Kilo/ 2.2 lb 00 super fine flour

# of Farina 00 Flour you would like?

@ $5.00 each


The good stuff.

# of Pecorino-Romano you would like?

8oz wedge @ $6.50 each

Semolina Flour

# of Semolina Flour you would like?

1 pound @ $5.50 each

Cabot Butter

1lb Cabot Creamery Unsalted Butter

# of Cabot Butter you would like?

@ $6.50 each

Buffalo Milk Butter

Delitia brand.

# of Buffalo Milk Butter you would like?

8oz @ $10.50 each

Ground Buds Blend Coffee

A robust blend made just for a Peters Inn

# of Ground Source Coffee Buds Blend you would like?

1 lb @ $13.50 each

Chai Concentrate

Minor Figures brand

# of Chai Concentrate you would like?

1 Litre @ $12.50 each

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tavolo Viva brand

# of Extra Virgin Olive Oil you would like?

1 Litre @ $11.50 each

Balsamic Vinegar

Antica Italia brand

# of Balsamic Vinegar you would like?

250 ml @ $6.50 each

Cava Vinegar

Miguel & Valentino cava white vinegar

# of Cava Vinegar you would like?

375 ml @ $11.50 each

Ramp Vinegar

Lindera Farm, VA.

# of Ramp Vinegar you would like?

200ml @ $20.00 each

13oz NY Strip Steak

13 oz NY Strip, beautifully butchered, black angus grass fed beef. Raw and ready for seasoning, great on the grill.

# of 13oz NY Strip Steak you would like?

NY Strip @ $28.50 each

Petite Filet

Petite Filet, beautifully butchered, black angus grass fed beef. Raw and ready for seasoning, great on the grill.

# of Petite Filet you would like?

4oz Petite Filet @ $12.50 each
7oz Petite Filet @ $18.50 each

Toilet Tissue -TP

Green Heritage 2 ply individually wrapped.

# of Toilet Tissue -TP you would like?

@ $1.25 each

Peters Gift Certificate

A great gift Peters Eats and refreshing cheers. Value of $50.

# of Peters Gift Certificate you would like?

@ $50.00 each

Peters Gift Certificate

A great gift Peters Eats and refreshing cheers. Value of $100.

# of Peters Gift Certificate you would like?

@ $100.00 each

*Dine outside when you pick up if table available. No table service. Closed July 4th.
**Thanks to Waterfront Technologies for hosting our To Go page.

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