The formula for water is H2O. Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared?
– Lily Tomlin

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Real-time secure & persistent mobile apps that work despite distance or bandwidth through our subsidiary Tricorder Data Systems.

Tricorder Data Systems’ On-Demand Mobility (ODM) platform enables new industry capabilities to perform remote: sensor automation; image monitoring/analysis reporting; Facility and Incident Security; WarFighter intercommunication, automation and situational awareness. TDS’s ODM middleware offers: sub-second response per remote client request. 10X to 40X the processing capability resulting in an average grade PC being able to support a thousand remote users/sensors. FIPS140-1 Certified (Triple Data Encryption, 3DES), FIPS140-2 Compliant (Advance Encryption Standard, AES) security. 99.9999% transaction reliability and a 95% reduction in communication bandwidth costs.